Zoom Updates: Zoom new AI features help you catch up on late meetings

The use of artificial intelligence(AI) is being expanded in the productivity app Zoom. It has now become the latest platform to do so.

A partnership between Zoom and OpenAI has been announced in a blog post on Monday. It will introduce AI-generated summaries, message drafts, and other features to the video conferencing app through its assistant called Zoom IQ, powered by AI.

Zoom IQ is already capable of generating chapters and highlights for recorded meetings. Zoom is now adding more features to the assistant, such as a way to catch up on meetings that you may have missed due to being late.

This means that users can ask the tool to provide a summary of what they have missed. These features have the option to ask additional questions.

Introduction To Zoom Updates:

Apart from the features mentioned earlier, Zoom IQ can perform various other tasks, such as creating whiteboards based on text prompts. It is also providing recaps of meetings, and summarizing threads in Zoom Team Chat. Similar to the ChatGPT bot for Slack, Zoom IQ also enables users to generate AI-generated responses to their colleagues. The company plans to launch AI-powered message and email drafts on an invitation-only basis in April. Some of the Zoom IQ meeting summary features will be available to a wider audience.

Zoom’s decision to enhance its AI capabilities is probably a response to the latest features added to productivity apps by its main competitors, Google and Microsoft. Google has introduced the ability to generate text, images, and summaries in Docs, Gmail, Sheets, and Slides. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 is testing an AI assistant called Copilot for Office documents. The assistant uses data from the business or organization to train itself and determine what is essential.

Apart from competing with Google and Microsoft in the AI field, Zoom has also introduced various other features. It can transform the service into a comprehensive productivity app. For instance, the company has launched new Calendar and Mail apps that enable users to access their schedules and emails directly from Zoom.

Zoom’s new Mail app permits you to connect your Gmail or Microsoft 365 address. New Calendar integration allows you to view third-party calendars directly from the Zoom platform. Both of these features are accessible through the Zoom sidebar, which allows you to perform tasks like emailing a meeting host to notify them that you’re running late or viewing critical information about upcoming meetings.

Zoom has also introduced a new feature called Huddles, which it describes as a “video-enabled virtual coworking space.” Similar to Slack’s Huddles, this feature on Zoom enables you to join brief video calls to ask questions or have a quick chat with a colleague. The company has made this feature globally available, and users can request early access.

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