Whatsapp Updates: An overview of new, upcoming WhatsApp updates, features

The WhatsApp application, which is owned by Meta, is continuously enhancing its user experience by introducing fresh updates and features to all versions of the app – android, iOS, and desktop.

Overview of Whatsapp Updates:

If you have missed any of the latest updates or features that add to the instant messaging app, now is the perfect time to catch up.

While some of the features are still being developable and not yet accessible to all testers, others may gradually become available to users over the coming weeks. Some features are already available to beta testers.

If you find that you are unable to use a particular feature, you should wait for a future update of the app to access it.

To summarize, here are the updates and new features that have been added to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp updates

Edit Messages:

The company WhatsApp is set to introduce a feature that allows users to edit their messages within 15 minutes of sending them, enabling them to correct errors or provide additional information.

Currently, the feature is being development and is accessible to beta users through the iOS update.

According to WaBetaInfo, the company is continuously improving this feature by adding an “unsupported message” notification. Whenever it is not supportable by a user’s version of WhatsApp.

Search bar:

The messaging app has now made it simpler for users to filter through their chats. As a search bar is now available for beta testers. This feature can be access by iOS users who have update to version


The messaging app is developing a private newsletter tool. That would enable users to receive updates. it broadcasts from various sources. Such as local officials, sports teams, or organizations. This tool will function as a “one-to-many” broadcasting feature.

Disappearing messages:

Users of WhatsApp can now choose to save their messages even after they have expired, thus preventing them from disappearing.

Profile icons:

The group chat profile icon feature is currently being develop. IT IS the instant messaging app and will be includ in a forthcoming update.

High-quality photos:

One of the most eagerly awaited features of WhatsApp is the ability to send photos in their original quality.

Report status:

WhatsApp has introduced another update enabling users to report inappropriate or rule-violating status updates.

Schedule group calls: 

The WhatsApp team is currently developing a feature. It would enable users to schedule calls. It allowing group members to plan their schedules .

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