Twitter Updates: Twitter’s blue ticks disappear

According to the latest news, new Twitter updates have been uploaded. It is said that after refusing to pay for verification, The New York Times lost its blue tick on Twitter.

Twitter began removing the verification badges, or blue ticks, from accounts that already had them. The reason behind this is that the platform introduced a paid subscription model on April 1st.

Several organizations and celebrities, including The New York Times, refused to pay for the verification badge. This is the main reason behind causing Twitter removed the blue tick from their accounts. Elon Musk responded to The New York Times’s decision by hurling insults at the newspaper on the platform.

There has been no official comment from Twitter and the New York Times has not responded to Mr. Musk’s comments.

Overview Of Twitter Updates:

Twitter has implemented new regulations and blue ticks that were displayed on accounts as an indication of their official. Organizations that desire verification badges must now pay a monthly fee of $1,000 (£810) to receive a gold verification tick. While individual accounts must pay $8 (£6.40) a month for their official account

Twitter’s new subscription service is expected to generate revenue for the company. But there are concerns that without the verification process, it may be challenging to distinguish between real and fake accounts. The New York Times has decided not to pay for the subscription fee or the verification of its journalists’ Twitter accounts.

After Twitter’s new rules, the New York Times, which has nearly 55 million followers on Twitter, lost its verification badge. However, it is uncertain whether all organizations must subscribe to the service to maintain their verification status. According to an internal Twitter document, the ten thousand followed organizations on Twitter will be exempt from the new rules.

Twitter has introduced three types of verification badges since December 2021. These 3 types are: 1)gold ticks are for business organizations. 2) grey ticks are for government-related or multilateral organizations. 3) blue ticks are for individual accounts. Several news organizations, including CNN, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, have gold ticks, indicating their official status. The New York Times has gold badges for some of its other accounts, such as New York Times Arts and New York Times Travel, and has also refused to pay for verification on its journalists’ Twitter accounts.

The Washington Post reported that the removal of blue ticks on Twitter accounts appears to be taking place gradually, possibly due to the process being mainly manual. This information was provided by former employees of the social media company.

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