Technical Ticket: A proof for OnePlus N10 5G Looking at hand

Technical Ticket: A proof for OnePlus N10 5G Looking at hand

Earlier this year OnePlus jumped back to its middle range and began a phone designed to return to its roots, offering an affordable luxury smartphone.

The OnePlus Nord was famous, but never succeeded in reaching the US. The Nord was the first in a new line of cheaper telephones, though, and the next one could be here earlier than you thought.

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We’ve been hearing about the second Nord device, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, for quite some time now, with leaks suggesting that it would be coming to the U.S. market when it launches. According to Twitter leaker @stufflistings, the Nord N10 will be launching before the end of the month — alongside something called the Nord N100.

A separate tale is the N10 5G. Rumors and leaks are like the original OnePlus Nord image, although with a few hardware differences. These include a 6,49 “AMOLED panel with the same FHD+ and 90Hz refresh rates as the original plus a RAM 690 Snapdragon chipset. This is a remarkable downgrade in the initial Nord from the Snapdragon RAM 790 and 8/12 GB.

Camera-speaker reports suggest that the N10 5 G will once again have a four lens rear camera setup, complete with an 8MP, two 2MP auxiliary sensors, and a 64MP main camera upgraded. We don’t know about the front, but we hope that OnePlus will stick to the North’s dual camera setup. And all for less than $400 in price.

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