Snapchat updates: Snap launches enterprise division to help businesses build AR features

This is the first time in the Snapchat updates that Snap will be selling its AR technology to corporate clients through AR Enterprise Services (ARES).

On Thursday, Snap Inc, the company behind the photo messaging application Snapchat, unveiled a new department. This department will aim at assisting other companies in incorporating augmented reality features into their websites or applications.

Overview of AR features

According to Jill Popelka, head of AR Enterprise Services (ARES), in an interview, Snap Inc’s new division. AR Enterprise Services (ARES), will be the first time that the company will offer its AR technology to commercial customers. This technology is capable of enhancing real-world photographs and videos with computer-generated images.

Snapchat updates:

Snap has placed a strong emphasis on advancing the AR field in recent years. They believe that more than 250 million people engage with AR on a daily basis through Snapchat. It is the first time that snaps gained popularity among young users for its photo filters that could add playful features.

Jill Popelka stated that they have attempted to utilize AR beyond their own platform. But Snaps has demonstrated the potential of AR technology within their app. Popelka added that the company now possesses a genuine, high-quality solution for commercial use.

Snap is looking to expand its revenue sources beyond digital advertising, which currently generates the majority of its revenue. This enterprise initiative is one way to achieve that goal.

The first offering from ARES is called Shopping Suite, which will provide businesses with tools to create features that enable customers to virtually try on clothes or view products in 3D from every angle. This capability could potentially increase sales and decrease the number of returns.

Jill Popelka stated that the pricing plan for business clients will be highly adaptable. Depending on the arrangement with customers, Snap may receive a portion of product sales generated by their AR tools.

Snapchat is also utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance its AR capabilities. The company is leveraging AI to transform a 2D image into a 3D one without the need to construct a 3D model first. This advancement has reduced the time needed to create high-quality 3D images by 40 to 60 hours, according to Popelka, and the process can now be completed in just a few hours.

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