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Shoaib Akhtar, a former Pakistani cricketer and present-day commentator, had a 14-year career playing all formats of cricket. He is renowned for his incredible speed as a bowler, recording a speed of 161.3 km/h against England. Akhtar was given the nicknames “Tiger” and “Rawalpindi Express” as a tribute to his quick bowling and his hometown. He was the first bowler to break the 100 mph barrier, achieving this feat twice in his career.

In November 1997, Shoaib Akhtar made his debut as a fast bowler in Test cricket. After three months he played his first ODI. Throughout his career, he has been involved in numerous controversies, often suspected of unethical behavior, despite his reputation for delivering crucial breakthroughs in Pakistan’s favor. Shoaib was sent back home during a Test match series in Australia in 2005 for allegedly displaying a poor attitude. One year later, he was embroiled in a drug scandal after testing positive for the performance-enhancing substance nandrolone. However, the ban imposed on him was overturned on appeal.

In 2007, he was disqualified for more than five years for publicly criticizing the Pakistan Cricket Board. In 2008, the Lahore High Court in Pakistan suspended this five-year ban. After that Shoaib Akhtar was included in the 15-man squad for the T20 Quadrangular Tournament in Canada. Rana Bhagwandas, a Pakistani judge, once called Shoaib a true cricketing legend. He retired from cricket after the 2011 World Cup.

Early Year:

Shoaib Akhtar was brought into this world in Morgah, a little town in Punjab, Pakistan, where his father worked as an employee at Attock Oil Refinery. While his father was of Punjabi origin, his mother was a Pakhtoon. Akhtar initially attended Elliott High School in Morgah, and later enrolled at Asghar Mall College in Rawalpindi, where he was able to showcase his abilities and as a result, was discovered.

Life Before As A Cricketer:

Prior to pursuing cricket, Shoaib Akhtar led a life of recklessness and wildness, often finding himself in trouble for fighting in the streets or pursuing girls. He freely admits, “I had no job, so I would just ride around on my Kawasaki 750 motorcycle. As evidence of his rough lifestyle, Akhtar has a scar that is nine inches long across his chest, as well as numerous wounds on his legs. “I even carried a gun for my own protection,” he added, “although I would never shoot anyone. I would fire it in the air to intimidate my adversaries.” Akhtar’s mother was always concerned about him, and occasionally slapped him, admonishing him to “be a good man.” Now, however, his mother is extremely proud of him and wishes him luck before each match.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Career and Achievements:

He is a former Pakistani cricketer who played for all formats of cricket during his 14-year career. He is widely regarded as one of the fastest bowlers in cricket history, and in 2003 he recorded the fastest delivery ever officially recorded in cricket at 161.3 km/h in a match against England during the Cricket World Cup.

Akhtar made his first Test debut as a fast bowler in November 1997 and played his first ODI three months later. Throughout his career, he was involved in numerous controversies and was often accused of unethical conduct. However, he was also praised for his ability to impact games in Pakistan’s favor.

In spite of various bans imposed on him during his career, Akhtar managed to achieve several milestones. He became the first bowler to break the 100 mph barrier, doing so twice in his career. He was also the first bowler to take 50 wickets in Twenty20 International matches. In total, he took 444 wickets in international cricket, making him one of the most successful Pakistani fast bowlers of all time.

Akhtar announced his retirement from international cricket in 2011 after the Cricket World Cup. Despite his controversial career, he remains a legendary figure in Pakistan cricket, and his bowling speed and aggressive approach to the game continue to inspire young cricketers around the world.

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