Meta Updates: Meta Changes Rules For EU Users For Better Usage Of Data

On Thursday, Meta Platforms Inc announced Meta Updates that it would modify the legal foundation for Facebook and Instagram’s use of personal data to aim advertisements in the European Union. This action takes place in response to a penalty imposed by the EU’s privacy regulator in January, citing supposed violations.

According to Meta, this change will provide European Union users with more choices about how they manage information. It will not affect the company’s profitable targeted advertising operations in the area. The social media behemoth was fined €390 million ($425.72 million) by Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner earlier this year. It can not employ the “contract” legal basis to distribute advertisements to users based on their online activity.

Overview of Meta Updates:

Previously, Meta had announced its intention to challenge the substance of the rulings and the fines that were imposed. However, the company has now decided to utilize the “Legitimate Interests” basis instead of “Contractual Necessity” to adhere to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR’s contractual basis allows corporations to obtain data when it is necessary to perform a contract. “Legitimate Interests” permits companies to utilize personal data in a manner that is reasonably anticipated by individuals.

In a blog post, Meta stated, “We think that our earlier approach adhered to GDPR rules. And we will continue challenging both the substance of the decisions and the penalties.”

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Meta had intended to enable Facebook and Instagram users in Europe to opt out of certain extremely customized ads. It will provide a version of its services that would only present them with ads based on general categories.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times reported that Meta was contemplating a complete prohibition on political ads in Europe. This report owing to apprehensions that Facebook and Instagram would be unable to meet the new EU rules aimed at online campaigns. There was no response from Meta when Reuters sought comments on potential adjustments to political ads.

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