ios Updates: Apple Issues Major Security Update For Old iPhones and iPads

Apple has issued ios updates that address security vulnerabilities in a few older iPhone and iPad models. The iOS 15.7.4 update has been made available to individuals who are still utilizing devices like the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and the first-generation iPhone SE.

Furthermore, some iPad models, such as the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4th gen, and others, are receiving the iPadOS update with the same fixes. According to reports, Apple’s new release includes 16 security patches, with the most critical fix addressing the WebKit vulnerability that has affected all iPhone and iPad models.

Overview Of ios Updates:

Apple informed about this issue last month and addresses the same issue in the most recent iOS and iPad versions. Now, the company has also addressed devices that are nearing the end of their update cycle. With the iOS 17 update scheduled for release later this year, it is conceivable that the iOS 15.7.4 version will be the last in the series. This means that if you are using an iPhone 7 or a similar model, it is time to upgrade.

According to Apple, the security issue affected both the kernel and the Apple WebKit application. The company warned that the vulnerability could permit an application to execute arbitrary code. There are greater concerns regarding WebKit because Apple believes that the vulnerability related to it may have already been exploited. The recently released patches should address the vulnerability, and it is recommended that individuals using older iPhone models upgrade to the new iOS 15 version as soon as possible.


Follow these steps,

1- Access the Settings app on your iPhone

2- Select the General option

3- Choose the Security Update tab

4- Refresh the page to verify if your iPhone has been updated to the iOS 15.7.4 version

5- Install the update and reboot your iPhone

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