Gen Z: Zigazoo launches short-video platform for Gen Z

The latest app Gnn Z launched by Zigazoo that’s similar to TikTok is drawing in both creators and users due to its environment that’s free of toxicity.

Zigazoo, a short-video-sharing app similar to TikTok, is introducing a new platform designed to focus specifically on Generation Z.

Introduction to Gen Z:

The upcoming application will target individuals aged 13 and older. While the original app aimed at children will continue to cater to Generation Alpha (ages 3-12).

Zigazoo, which will become available on March 25. It is restricted to invite-only users and utilizes a video thread-based interface, where commenting on video posts is not allowed. Users can, however, respond with their own brief video clips.

The firm thinks that this approach is beneficial in minimizing harmful trolling activity on the platform.

Zigazoo has a variety of security measures in place, such as private accounts, moderation involving humans, and an algorithm that prioritizes positive content.

In contrast to Zigazoo Kids, this new application will not require parental authorization or supervision. But it will use automatic moderation software.

The Gen Z platform will provide access to searchable music and trending sounds. It will allow users to create a ‘vibe’ video that others can react to.

A select group of creators, including the cast of Netflix’s “That ’90s Show,” popular TikTok creators. There are multiple TikTok creators such as Jack Wright and Alana Clements, as well as actors such as Ava Kolker.

Zigazoo will offer diverse content, including entertainment channels. It is attracting creators due to its non-toxic environment, which is not always present on social media platforms like TikTok.

According to Zak Ringelstein, one of the app’s co-founders, there is a growing need for people to have a more critical outlook towards social media and a place where they can feel good about themselves. The goal is to create a better and less toxic social media environment, and he believes that the timing for such an initiative is perfect. The team is eagerly anticipating the launch of the app.

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