ChatGPT Threats: ChatGPT maker to propose remedies over Italian ban

ChatGPT addressed the ChatGPT Threats that led to its ban in Italy, which arose due to suspicions of privacy violations.

OpenAI, the producer of ChatGPT, is planning to propose solutions on Thursday. This meeting addresses the issues that resulted in the chatbot being banned in Italy last week. This information was conveyed by Italy’s data protection agency Garante.

OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft Corp, removed ChatGPT from Italy following a temporary restriction by Garante last week. The agency initiated an investigation into a potential breach of privacy regulations.

Garante accused OpenAI of neglecting to verify the ages of ChatGPT users and of collecting and storing personal data on a massive scale without any legal justification.

Introduction To ChatGPT Threats:

On Thursday, OpenAI declared that it has no plans to impede the development of AI. While it emphasized the significance of adhering to regulations that safeguard the personal data of Italian and European residents.

In a conference led by CEO Sam Altman, OpenAI assured Garante that it would adopt a more transparent approach to managing user data and confirming the age of its users.

Furthermore, the company indicated that it would provide Garante with a document outlining the actions it plans to take to fulfill the agency’s requests on Thursday.

The image of the ChatGPT logo is captured in this illustration taken on February 3, 2023. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

On Thursday, the company issued a blog post titled “Our approach to AI safety”. They announced their efforts to create detailed policies that target activities that pose a legitimate threat to individuals.

According to the company, “We do not employ data for advertising, selling our services, or creating profiles of individuals. Rather, we use data to enhance the usefulness of our models. ChatGPT, for instance, becomes more refined as it is further trained on the conversations that people have with it.

The company stated that it has eliminated personal information from its datasets whenever feasible. They have customized models to disregard user prompts soliciting such information.

Italy’s ban on ChatGPT has attracted the attention of other privacy regulators in Europe, who are examining whether more stringent measures are necessary for chatbots and whether to collaborate on such initiatives.

Earlier in February, Garante prohibited AI chatbot firm Replika from using the personal data of Italian users, citing potential harm to vulnerable individuals, including minors and those with emotional fragility.

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