Showbiz News: 19th Lux Style Awards 2020 – Winners

Entertainment Ticket: 19th Lux Style Awards 2020 – Winners

The Lux Style Awards is an award ceremony held annually in Pakistan since 2002. The awards celebrate “style” in the Pakistani entertainment industry, and it is the oldest event dedicated to cinema, television, fashion, music and film industry in Pakistan.

Categories have changed over the years, ut most are awarded by panels of judges who are experts in the respective industries, with some “people’s choice” awards in the film and TV categories.

The ceremonies, which are televised, have usually been held in Karachi, but in some years have taken place in Lahore, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

Rewarding actors, musicians, models and fashion moguls for their hard work throughout the year, the 19th LUX Style Awards announced its winners in Karachi today.

In LSA’s efforts to ensure the safety of the nominees, juries, auditors and organizers, this was the first time in the nineteen year history of the body that the entire judging and awarding process was conducted online.

In a first for LSA, the winners in the categories of Fashion, Film, Music and TV were also announced ahead of the virtually recorded ceremony, which is to be shown online next week.

Two Lifetime Achievement Awards were announced as well. Anwar Maqsood, revered compere, writer and host par-excellence, was conferred the Unilever Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Lifetime Achievement Award in Fashion was awarded to photojournalist and photographer Tapu Javeri.


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